Thursday, 25 October 2007

Bare Culture

Since I got to Wales to study in September 2006 I have seen a few very white naked British boys running around the streets at night. Not that we don't have naked people back in Portugal but not this frequently. And mind the weather differences.
This feels like this is one of those cultural gap things. Back in Madeira Island, in the warmer seasons, we spend a great part of our leisure time almost naked. Swimming garments are usually scarce in cloth (especially the girls') but we put clothes on for the evenings and every other occasion that doesn't involve sun or any other type of bathing. Here in Wales girls dress as little as they can when going out for the evening. I usually don't complain and I'm sure you understand why (I'm a man!) but it confuses me a bit. Mini-skirts that would make Mary Quant gape and very low necklines, in weather that makes my bare skin shrivel so much I can't move my fingers. And they're cold! I know they are!
What is wrong with these naked boys and scantily dressed girls? I'll let you in on a secret (especially the girls):
That sacrifice does not really hoist you up the social grid, nor does it make you look sexier. That which you can't see you imagine. And imagining it makes it much more exciting. And you don't have to dress exactly like the girls in the music videos. That's all just for show!

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Mónica said...

para os tugas: tremoços e imperiais;)